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About Movable Love

We love Movable Type, "a professional publishing platform." This is a place to show off interesting and beautiful sites built with MT.

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Movable Love is published by 601am, not affiliated with SixApart, but powered by Movable Type 4.1, of course.

Not Nick Nolte's Diary

The online diary of Nick Nolte -- not. MORE »

Christopher Le Brun

The work of artist Christopher Le Brun. MORE »

Ubergizmo, the Gadget Blog

Ubergizmo delivers straightforward news and analysis of the electronics you love and the ones that you love to hate. MORE »

Discount Coupons Guide

A website devoted to finding good deals. MORE »


Mezzoblue is the home of designer Dave Shea. MORE »

London International Festival of Theatre

A showcase of the London International Festival of Theatre. MORE »

Arthouse Films Online

Arthouse Films is an independent production and distribution label based in NY and LA. MORE »

CSS Mania

A showcase of well-designed CSS sites on the web. MORE »

Mid-Pacific Institute

A Honolulu, Hawaii school website. MORE »


nemu*nemu is a webcomic featuring the adventures of Nemu and Anpan, two magical stuffed toy pups and their owners Anise and Kana whose lives they turn upside down! MORE »

Boing Boing

Boing Boing bills itself as "a directory of wonderful things." MORE »


Gothamist and its network of local blogs cover news, culture, food, entertainment and events in 14 cities in five countries. MORE »

Learning Movable Type

Learning Movable Type serves up hundreds of great tips, tricks and hacks on our favorite blog platform. MORE »

Authentic Boredom

"Authentic Boredom is the platitudinous web home of Cameron Moll." MORE »

Irish Medical Times

Irish Medical Times publishes news and information for Irish doctors and other health care professionals. MORE »


"The professional webspace of illustrator and designer, Kevin Cornell." MORE »

The Japanese Food Report

The Japanese Food Report chronicles a blogger's immersion into a "deep culinary world way" of Japanese cooking. MORE »